about us

My dream becomes true through you!


Hallo ! My name is Bianca Schaff, born and raised close to Munich/Germany until I moved to Curacao in 2009 to run a small hotel in the western part of the island. 


As a child I already hated the cold and long winters in southern Bavaria. In 7th grade I can remember that, after Christmas vacation,  a school mate came in tanned, showing some pictures around with blue oceans and palm trees. She went to the Caribbean. Back then I had no clue what Caribbean meant. But I knew: one day I have to go there......


As a student I chose Business administration with focus on the tourism industry and in 1994 finally I flew to the Mexican Caribbean. I found my paradise...Did I not have to finish my studies in Germany, I would have stayed there ......




The turquoise colored waters, the warm ocean breeze, waking up with sunshine, the palm trees, the laid back island lifestyle in comparison to cold freezing winters, dark long days, ice scratching the windshield of my car every morning.....for me an easy decision!


My dream to get married on the beach, so far, has been only realized through my lovely couples from all over the world. The planning, preparations, decoration, the blue ocean, white beaches, sparkling eyes, tears, smiles and LOVE all that and more on a single sunny day makes it a pleasure to be a Curacao wedding planner. 


To support you, to get your dream come true is what makes my day and we will be more than happy to make you dream wedding come true.


Looking forward to hear from you,

Yours sincerely