legal weddings on Curacao ♥

Legal weddings on Curacao are honoured in the United States and in Canada. In advance, we need to hand in some documents to the civil registry on the island (max 364/min 20 days before planned wedding date). The civil register who will minister your wedding will meet you at your wedding location, smiling and happy.


The legal ceremony can be held in the civil registry itself, a charming, colorful, old Colonial building in the heart of Willemstad as well as on a public beach, hotel or any other location in the city or country side. You, as the couple are not involved in any bureaucracy on the island, we took already care of it. Before you are leaving the island, we make sure you receive your marriage document with an Apostille.


Together we plan your DAY, we offer small, intimate weddings and our wedding packages start already at $ 1.400

For a legal wedding, we need the following documents (originals):


-international birth certificates

-internationale document that states that both are free to marry

-Copy of passports (min 6 months valid)

-letter of intent, signed by both (we will send it to you)

-Divorcees or widowers also need to send a document proofing the divorce or death from former partner


At the date that we will hand in those documents, the documents issuing date should not be older than 6 months ago


We need the originals so they shall be sent to us via mail or FEDEX/UPS/DHL.